Pack your bags and your tissues, the Pearson family is heading to the Poconos! In the season two finale of This Is Us, the entire family gathers to celebrate the wedding of Kate and Toby, but a surprise appearance from a present-day aged Jack has us mentally preparing for an emotional episode. In addition to seeing a gray-haired papa Pearson, we’re going to be meeting Toby’s parents and hopefully see the couple walk down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Damon. Key word: hopefully.

While it seems like the impending nuptials might not actually occur, the photos from the season two finale signal that everyone is getting ready for a “moving family event,” as described by series creator Dan Fogelman. Yeah, safe to say our tear glands will be getting some action tonight. Read on to see the official photos from the season two finale of This Is Us and prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster of this family affair.

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